Southern Bosnia and Herzegovina

Herzegovina is the south eastern region of the country Bosnia and Herzegovina. The region is a traditional area and does not have official internal borders with Bosnia, but is generally agreed to more-or less follow the borders of a medieval duchy from which Herzegovina ("Duke's land") takes it's name.

Why Should New Zealanders Visit Herzegovina?

When we talk about the tourism and especially about New Zealander tourists, we must say that they are very mature in this field. The things they want to visit are often extraordinarily splendid and have their strong historical background as well. Herzegovina is also such a place that New Zealanders often want to visit. Herzegovina contains almost every kind of tourism attraction and there are so many destinations throughout Herzegovina that fascinate the tourists from the New Zealand. The major worth looking places in the country are actually a blend of natural and cultural heritage. There is a broad range of heritage, landscapes, culture, customs and every kind of people.

Most interesting places to visit

The most interesting and the eye capturing places in the country include Mostar, the center of pilgrimages of Medjugorje, Sutjeska National Park, the Orthodox monastery of Trvdos and the Kravice waterfalls. Two sites in Herzegovina have been included in the Unesco’s World heritage list. These are the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad and the Old Bridge Area of the Old City of Mostar.

"Must visit" cities

When you are at tour of Herzegovina, there is several worth seeing cities that you must visit. The most famous city of Herzegovina amongst New Zealanders is Mostar. Mostar is considered the unofficial capital of Herzegovina and it is the only city of Herzegovina that has more than 100,000 citizens. All the other cities in Herzegovina are not that big but still they have strong historical background and are very famous in the tourists. We can take an example of Stolac which is the oldest city in Herzegovina. In the Paleolithic period, settlements had been there. Daorson is another city which had Ilyric tribe as its inhabitant. There had been many Roman settlements that lived alongside the river Bregava. In Radimilja stecak name stone grave monuments are amongst the most beautiful monuments around the world. These are the most attraction capturing things that Herzegovina has for the New Zealand tourists. On the river Trebišnjica, Trebinje is located which is the historical and the most beautiful city of the Herzegovina. The rivers in the Capljina and Ljubuski have famous historical tales that attract the tourists to visit these great places. For many Croats and the Catholics the Medugorje village is very much famous due to its importance regarding religion.

Tourism in Herzegovina

Like Kravica falls there are many other such beautiful and famous natural landmarks that distinct Herzegovina from other parts of the world. There are other natural waterfalls that include the one near the Ljubuški city which has become a famous spot for tourists and the local people as well. They often enjoy bath in the hot weather of Herzegovina in these waterfalls or may just enjoy the view that they present. The moist important bird reserve in Europe which is also making its place in the international ornithologists is located in the city of Hutovo Blato. Another famous thing is the mouth of Balagaj. It is very famous amongst New Zealanders and is considered as the origin of the river Buna.

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